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About Us

Aussie Swings started manufacturing in Victoria more than 15 years ago and over the years has continued to manufacture quality swings for the market place. We now manufacture at Holden Hill, South Australia.

Quality, safety and customer service are our key priorities. We produce a swing which is compliant and safe for children and adults of all ages.

We supply our swings to Educational Suppliers, Playground Manufacturers, Kindergartens, Toy shops, Councils and Residential throughout Australia.

Our tyre swings are made from recycled tyres. Our swings are spliced to Australian Standards. We place metal clips on spiced ropes, trim excess rope and guard clip to protect childrens hands.

All tyres are pressure washed, dryed and painted. Tyre sizes vary between 50cm to 60cm in diameter

The preferred method to hang our swing is on pigtail hooks. These come in two types fixed or swinging. The swinging pigtail hook will increase the life of the thimble as it swings with the swing and creates less friction and wear.

Thimbles are spliced and clipped onto all swings and hanging ropes as per Australian Standards. Timber dowels used for trapeze and ladders are 30mm dia hardwood which is sanded and sealed.

We use high strength UV stabilised polypropylene rope which is soft on hands and has a breaking strain greater than 1000kg.

All rope loops are covered with PVC clear tubing to protect hands and feet

We have a reseller in most states and we will continue to source resellers.

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